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WinZip E-Mail Companion makes it easy to compress your e-mail attachments, saving
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28 September 2007

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Reducing the size of outgoing e-mail attachments and also protecting the important data with password is easy. WinZip E-Mail Companion helps you do this with ease while also offering a trouble free performance. WinZip E-Mail Companion software is easy to operate as an Outlook add-in tool. This makes it easy to use and saves a lot of time.

The software is worthwhile to download and install if you usually have to send many attachment that take a lot of your time for mailing them. WinZip E-Mail Companion is software that is an add-in tool for Outlook, etc. It enhances the mailing speed and saves time by making a zip of all the attachment you need to send. For using the tool you need to open the Outlook application and go to the ‘Tools’ option. Click ‘Options’ you will find the tool appearing as an option in a dialog box. When you open WinZip E-Mail Companion you will get three options for performing the task. You can set the sending options; you may choose to send the zip attachments automatically. Even it’s easy to set the program that it would ask you whether the attachments should be zipped or not. If you want to make the file to go by a particular name then you can set the default Zip file name. You can set the name to be default Zip file name or even select to use the files name for the Zip file. The file can be given identification through the default Zip file extension. Selecting the Zipping option is also easy you can enable to encrypt the attachment while zipping and also choose to ignore the selected exceptions and Zip the file. Single attachment below some specified KB can be set not to be zipped. Enter the specific extensions for attachments for excluding them from zipping. Reset the extension list to default or make the selection yourself. The compression method used can be the ‘Best Method’ or ‘Legacy’. If you’re not able to understand any of the options, etc you can consult the help guide attached to it.

The WinZip E-Mail Companion software has been given a 3.5 rating point for its easy functioning and superb features. Get it to make your work faster and your life easier.

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WinZip E-mail Companion is an easy-to-use, time saving tool that reduces the size of outgoing e-mail attachments and provides password-based AES encryption to protect confidential information contained in those attachments. WinZip E-Mail Companion works seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail for Vista and is the perfect solution for reducing the complexity and time that it takes to send and receive large attachments via e-mail. Simply write your e-mail, attach your files, click Send and let WinZip E-Mail Companion do the rest. WinZip E-Mail Companion’s file compression will ensure that your attachment is as small as possible and allow you to encrypt attachments that contain confidential information. WinZip E-Mail Companion reduces e-mail transmission time for both sender and recipient, and if you have ever had an e-mail returned as undeliverable because the attachment was too large, you will know the value of smaller e-mail attachments. It also reduces the amount of disk space required to store those e-mail messages. When sending confidential information as e-mail attachments, be sure to use WinZip E-Mail Companion’s password-based AES encryption to ensure that only people that have your chosen password can view the information inside your attachments. If you send a document, spreadsheet or presentation directly from Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, WinZip E-Mail Companion will zip and e-mail these files in one step. What’s more, you can also save your file as a Zip file directly from within these Office applications. You can even customize behavior and performance to meet your specific needs thanks to WinZip E-Mail Companion’s flexible configuration. For more information, please visit WinZip online at
WinZip E-Mail Companion
WinZip E-Mail Companion
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